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Michael’s Radford’s 2004 adaptation of The Merchant of Venice aims to present the viewer a fresh take on William Shakespeare’s comedy of the same name, but when given the problematic history of the play, how much can it really succeed? With a 30…

Othello is a 1995 film adaptation of Shakespeare’s play of the same name and directed by Oliver Parker. The movie, set in sixteenth-century Venice, is about Othello, a Moorish general of a Venetian army, who marries Desdemona, a white woman. He is a…

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Directed by Marshall Herskovitz and released in 1998, Dangerous Beauty is a romance set in Renaissance Venice, with feminist tones, a strong leading lady, and an endless array of beautiful costumes and enchanting Venetian settings. Dangerous Beautyis…

Francesco is the 1989 docudrama directed by Liliana Cavani relating, in flashbacks, St. Francis of Assisi's transformation and awakening from privileged son to religious humanitarian and full-fledged saint. The film is based on Hermann Hesse's…

Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972), directed by Franco Zeffirelli, is based on the early life of St. Francis of Assisi (played by Graham Faulkner), starting with his conversion and leading up to his audience with Pope Innocent III (played by Alec…

A pseudo-historical film exploring the fictional idea that Romulus Augustus, considered to be the last Roman Emperor in the West, left Italy after he was deposed and traveled to Britain, where he became known as Uther Pendragon.

Franciscan friar, William of Baskerville, and his young novice, Adso, are unexpectedly asked to solve a series of murders in a Benedictine abbey in fourteenth-century Italy.

The life and times of St. Francis of Assisi, including his founding of the Franciscan Order, friendship with St. Clare, travels to Egypt, receiving the stigmata, and death in 1226.

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The Little Hours opens with what seems to be a peaceful and pious nun leading a lost donkey through a serene wilderness back to her abbey. Yet, not even five minutes in, the idea that this is going to be a film depicting the day-to-day lives of…

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Pope Joan (2009) tells the story of Johanna, a woman whose extraordinary life in the ninth century led her to disguise herself as a man and become Pope. It was based on Donna Woolfolk Cross’ 1996 novel Pope Joan, which was a bestseller. Despite being…
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