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The 1969 film Alfred the Great is based on the life of King Alfred, who was considered one of the great Anglo-Saxon kings of England because he fought off the Vikings. In the film, Alfred is a young man who plans to pursue his personal vow to become…

The 1958 film, The Vikings, is a “classic” cinematic representation of the Scandinavian settlers. The film takes place in the ninth century when Vikings sailed from Norway to Northumberland. They  pillage the land, and, as the raid continued, they…

Brendan, a young boy, lives an uneventful life in a remote monastery until one day a famous illuminator shows up. Together with the help of Aisling, a forest spirit, they complete the most celebrated national treasure of Ireland, The Book of Kells.

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Pope Joan (2009) tells the story of Johanna, a woman whose extraordinary life in the ninth century led her to disguise herself as a man and become Pope. It was based on Donna Woolfolk Cross’ 1996 novel Pope Joan, which was a bestseller. Despite being…
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