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Season of the Witch (2011) is a movie directed by Dominic Sena that stars Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, Robert Sheehan, and Claire Foy. The film follows two deserters of the crusades in the fourteenth century; they are tasked with transporting a witch,…

“The legend you know. The story you don’t.” Robin Hood (2018) is not a retelling of the traditional legend but rather a origin story for the man beneath the hood. In the film, Lord Robin of Loxley must leave his lover Marian to fight in the Third…

Anazapta, also known as Black Plague, came out on July 26, 2002 and was later re-released in 2004 on video. Directed by Alberto Sciamma, it stars Lena Headey as Lady Matilda, an English noblewoman whose husband, Sir Walter, has been taken hostage by…
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