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  • Collection: The Sword in the Stone (1963)

An animated Disney classic about King Arthur's (Wart's) childhood and the lessons he learns from Merlin the wizard.

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This manuscript image depicts Arthur’s coronation, a scene which occurs at the end of The Sword in the Stone. This image shows the barons crowning Arthur and Merlin is nowhere in sight, whereas in The Sword in the Stone Merlin is the one that crowns…

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This manuscript image relates to The Sword in the Stone because it showcases a joust. Preparing for the joust is what Sir Kay and Arthur are working on at the beginning of the tournament. There is a scene in the movie where Sir Kay is preparing for…

This excerpt is from Le Morte D’Arthur written by Sir Thomas Malory in the late fifteenth century. Walt Disney’s The Sword and the Stone, released in 1963, is based on T.H. White’s 1938 story The Sword in the Stone, which is a children’s tale about…
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