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  • Collection: The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928)

The trial of Joan of Arc, who was accused of heresy, her interrogation by Cauchon, bishop of Beauvais, and public execution in 1431.

Joan of Arc Illumination.jpg
In this illumination, from an anonymous French or Flemish artist dating to the latter half of the fifteenth century, Joan of Arc is shown with a sword and flag in hand. She is wearing armor, in the typical style of soldiers of the late 1400s.  On her…

Joan of Arc Dungeon Stone .jpg
This stone from Rouen, France, was used to build and form the castle in which Joan of Arc was tried and condemned to her death in 1431. Excavated in the early twentieth century, the limestone, originating from c. 1200, was later used as a symbolic…

This is an excerpt from Joan of Arc’s inquisition, in which judges sympathetic to English political interests interrogated her about her loyalty to the church, whether she held any anti-clerical views, and when and why she heard voices commanding her…
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