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  • Collection: Agora (2009)

The life and times of Hypatia, a Greek philosopher in fourth- and fifth-century Alexandria, Egypt, including a fictionalization of her scientific research undertaken during the religious turmoil of her day, concluding with her murder in 415.

Pope Theophilus of Alexandria Standing Triumphantly atop the Serapeum in 391.jpg
In this anonymous illustrated chronicle, this image depicts the destruction of the Serapeum of Alexandria led by Theophilus in 391 AD. Drawn on papyrus, it shows the artistic style of ancient Egypt by providing an idealized, rather than a realistic,…

The School of Athens .jpeg
In one of his most famous frescoes, Italian Renaissance artist Raphael depicts one of the four main branches of knowledge: Philosophy. The style involves the portrayal of not only famous scholars but the activity of scholarship itself through…

This narrative account, by Damascius, who is famously known by historians as “the last of the Neoplatonists,” and was in fact the last scholar of the School of Athens, tells the life of the philosopher Hypatia. Some of the details in this primary…
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