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  • Collection: The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

This image, found in Livre de Chasse by Gaston III, Count of Foix, comes from a book dedicated to the Duke of Normandy. It depicts medieval hunters in a forest chasing a boar. The forest seems very well managed, which was typical of many royal…

After hearing about a curtail friar from Will Scadock, Robin sets out to meet this man he’s heard about. After finding friar Tuck on the side of a river, Robin forces him to carry him over the river. Halfway across, the friar tosses Robin off of his…

Sherwood forest can be seen even today as a medieval forest. The clear paths seen in Sherwood would have made it easy for royalty to navigate the area in search of game, and also made forests such as these easier for outlaws to navigate. Well-managed…

A collection of Robin Hood stories never before seen on film, covering the formation of his band of outlaws, his raids against Prince John, his romance with Marian, and the restoration of Richard I to the throne.
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