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  • Collection: The Last Legion (2007)

A pseudo-historical film exploring the fictional idea that Romulus Augustus, considered to be the last Roman Emperor in the West, left Italy after he was deposed and traveled to Britain, where he became known as Uther Pendragon.

This source, the Anonymous Valesianus, most certainly influenced the plot of The Last Legion, although there are distinct differences between the events described in this text and how they are depicted onscreen. The Anonymous Valesianus provides…

This image, from the fourteenth-century Abrégé des histoires divines found in the Pierpont Morgan Library, shows the coronation of King Arthur performed by a bishop. It is generally accepted that Arthur, though a popular literary figure, was not a…

This sword, found in the Greek and Roman art collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, originates from the same culture and approximate period of The Last Legion’s version of Excalibur. The film combines Arthuriana and Roman history by positing…
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