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  • Collection: Becket (1964)

Becket tells the story of the close friendship between King Henry II of England and Thomas Becket who, after being appointed the Archbishop of Canterbury, chooses the "honor" of God over his allegiance to King Henry.

About Edward Grim, the author of this passage, little information is known. He was born in Cambridge and received a Master of the Arts. Grim also happened to be in Canterbury at the time of Becket's execution and was an eyewitness to the event. This…

Dover Castle.jpg
This is a picture of Dover Castle. King Henry II started its construction in 1180 and it still stands today. Henry spent a large sum of money building and furnishing the castle. Its grandness exemplifies the lavish life that the king liked to live.…

Becket 2.png
This image depicts the moments right before the execution of the Archbishop Thomas Becket. Becket is pictured praying, with his executioners standing over him. Becket is painted with a halo over his head, displaying his saintliness. The image also…
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