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  • Collection: A Knight's Tale (2001)

A lowly squire wishes to “change his stars” and follow his dream of becoming a legendary knight. While trying to change his destiny, he encounters love, new friends, his past, and the true meaning of knighthood.

The Woful Knight, written by Marie de France (fl. 1160-1215), gives a wonderful example of courtly love and its implications.  In medieval romance, knights are portrayed as trying to win the heart of a beautiful and noble lady. In romance, knights…

Medieval Roll.jpg
This image is taken from the 1511 Westminster Tournament Roll and depicts Henry VIII with Queen Katherine of Aragon watching the joust. It is 26 vellum membranes sewn together, and measures almost 60 feet long.  While 1511 is later than A Knight’s…

Horse Mask.jpg
This piece, made from steel, brass, textile and leather, is traditionally what a knight’s horse wore during the joust.  It was important for the horse to be protected. Horses were expensive, for one; in the film A Knight’s Tale (2001), in the joust,…
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